My Tanjungpinang – English Essay

 tanjungpinang           Indonesia is the country of most Muslims. There many cultures, regions, languages, and clans in this country that you can find here. Indonesia have a trend that from the unique of cultures and langguages each clans or locals. Many tourism come from foreign to Indonesia only for looking the cultures or study about it. They come and visit to  Indonesia suddenly when  holiday. And one of target for visits is my city. Almost of people visits to Tanjungpinang city for many purpose.

            The visitors or tourism come to Tanjungpinang for touring or travelling. They almost love using their holiday for touring to this city. Come to some recreation site in Tanjungpinang like trikora beach, or penyengat island, and much other. They also tasting the typical foods in Tanjungpinang, like Mie Lakse and bread jala. And some of them come to Tanjungpinang for staying there permanently in some reasons.

            Not only come and touring that tourism or visitors do. Some of them come for  studiying the historical site. Like penyengat island, the is many history that can be learned. And they come for continuing their studies. Because the university in Tanjungpinang is not much different from Universities of Indonesia in Java Island. And  they  study the culture of Melayu from this city. Is nor  imposible, because Melayu Cultures in this city is more contrast.

            That is Tanjungpinang. The small city in the middle of  sea. Located in border region between Indonesia and Singpore. The city That we can do more thing when we visit it. When they come and visit Tanjungpinang  city, they have many purpose. Like only  for touring/travelling or only for studiying about this city specifics cultures. Until for staying life permanently in this city.


English Assignment
 By: Miftahul Haq
 Communications Studies, 1st Semester

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